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Support Iman to become a yoga teacher!

Iman came to our NGO Yoga for all in 2016 to take yoga classes. Quite quickly we realized Iman was someone special. She had the ability to adress women in a situation like herself, a refugee from Syria, and help them find a little but more peace within themselves. Iman started to share yoga within our organisation and soon became our most popular instructor, teaching in both Arabic and Swedish.


Now we want to help Iman get a good yoga education to take her skills outside of the volunteer world and benefit more people. @yogayama in Stockholm have generously agreed to sponsor with 50% of the fee for their 200h yoga teacher training for Iman, so it is only 25000 SEK missing for Iman to make her dream come true! We know that the yoga world is extremely homogenous and there is a big lack of teachers with another background than the usual.


Iman has a unique voice which is really needed to help bring yoga to a more diverse community. Please consider donating whatever you can to make Iman a trained yoga instructor and help women empower themselves! We thank you. Yoga for all is an NGO that aims to bring yoga to people than don't have easy access to yoga. Read more at


Swish: 123 272 7469 (Write Iman in message box)

OR throgh paypal below. THANK YOU!

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